Mustafacil: March 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

What is the best way to shave?

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Creams?, Wax or rake? Consider the effects and choose the best for you.

We are in the spring-summer season, when they leave and short dresses that reveal sheer legs. Indispensable is look waxed, beautiful and healthy, so to achieve this, we consulted an expert who explained how to keep them hairless throughout nonpermanent methods.

Often depends shaved time you have available to do so or the circumstances. When in a hurry, it is common to use the rake, while holidaymakers waxing planned to keep the shaved longer, is the choice of many. What is good for you?

For Patricia Garcia, a dermatologist and spokeswoman for Veet, the most convenient method is the one that suits your needs, it is important that you choose knowing what the consequences of both.

As the name says, they shave, ie hair cut "flush" of the skin and can be found in the form of rakes or electrical machines. The problem with this method is that there is a risk of cutting and lastimate as hairs cut just below the surface.

If hair is darker than the color of the skin, this may appear to have a dark spot, but it is really just the hair that is below the surface.

This method only takes about three days to start out and have to repeat the operation. Over time, the hair does not just disappear, the skin thickens and tends to effect open pore black dots of hair will come out.

The recommendation is shaving at least 24 hours after shaving and be a moisturizer applied immediately thereafter.
Waxes and slot machines:

For no woman no doubt that after a waxing or with machines that extract from the root hair by hair, legs are spectacular: clean, smooth, and best, it may take a couple of weeks before reapplying the procedure. But what about the pain?

No one doubts its effectiveness, but the major drawback is that they are painful processes that irritate the skin by the natural effect of removing the hair from the root.

Be careful not to apply hot wax. Instead you can use honey wax, a method that has helped reduce burns.

After waxing can apply cold water compresses to reduce inflammation and tighten pores, or take a bath and then apply a moisturizer.

Although sales have much time in the market, there are still women who are afraid to use chemical depilatories by integrating in its formula to remove hair instead of cutting it. The expert explained that the active ingredients of these creams do not damage your skin or natural regeneration process.

Containing potassium thioglycolate, which breaks the chains of the structure of the hair and weaken it, facilitating its removal. Other natural ingredients that moisturize twice and protect skin from irritation, swelling or bumps he says.

Let's say between the first and the second method, the creams are achieved intermediate tool remove hair longer, effectively and painlessly, leaving skin smooth and moisturized. The key is to follow the instructions and you apply the test in a small area, so you're safe and reassured that nothing will happen to you.

The truth is that these products have evolved considerably. For example, the line Supreme'Essence of Veet, managed to remove the pungent chemical smell and does not cause irritation to the waxed area. It has essential oils that leave skin hydrated and are ideal for legs, bikini line and underarms.

It is very important to use a product for the face, which has glands different from the rest of the body. These products can be found in the shower gel, mousse and spray. The recommendation of the dermatologist, Patricia Garcia, is that you use depilatory creams, at least every 72 hours or every application, from 2 mm of hair growth.